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Audience Size: 800.8 Thousand Devices

Explore the Anthropologie Audience

Below you'll find more information about the Anthropologie audience, broken down in different categories based on their digital and physical behaviors. These are 800.8 thousand unique devices whose actions qualify for the Anthropologie audience.

Dstillery Location Audiences


The Anthropologie audience visits and shops at a variety of apparel retail locations.

As seen below, the apparel retail location most frequented by the Anthropologie audience is Free People.

Location Composition Index
Free People 9.83% 87.81x
Madewell 8.11% 85.60x
Levi Strauss 3.94% 54.73x
H&M 12.69% 52.24x
Lorna Jane 1.68% 51.94x
Uniqlo 3.94% 50.36x
Zara 8.26% 50.22x
Saint Laurent Paris 2.82% 49.82x
Ann Taylor 5.56% 49.75x
Urban Outfitters 12.75% 49.47x
Composition Percentage: The overlap percentage between the Anthropologie audience and the Location attribute.
Index: A comparison of the Anthropologie audience to the internet population.