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Audience Size: 6 Million Devices

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Below you'll find more information about the BP audience, broken down in different categories based on their digital and physical behaviors. These are 6 million unique devices whose actions qualify for the BP audience.

Dstillery Location Audiences


The BP audience visits and shops at a variety of apparel retail locations.

As seen below, the apparel retail location most frequented by the BP audience is Belk.

Location Composition Index
Belk 1.35% 4.78x
Topshop 0.30% 4.17x
Supreme 0.08% 3.95x
Everlane 0.09% 3.91x
Brooks Brothers 2.35% 3.83x
Levi Strauss 0.38% 3.69x
American Eagle Outfitters 4.85% 3.68x
Calvin Klein 0.30% 3.65x
Dressbarn 3.11% 3.64x
Talbots 2.68% 3.60x
Composition Percentage: The overlap percentage between the BP audience and the Location attribute.
Index: A comparison of the BP audience to the internet population.