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Audience Size: 3 Million Devices

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Below you'll find more information about the Chevron audience, broken down in different categories based on their digital and physical behaviors. These are 3 million unique devices whose actions qualify for the Chevron audience.

Dstillery Location Audiences


The Chevron audience visits and shops at a variety of apparel retail locations.

As seen below, the apparel retail location most frequented by the Chevron audience is Lorna Jane.

Location Composition Index
Lorna Jane 0.33% 10.17x
Joe's Jeans 0.20% 7.82x
Saint Laurent Paris 0.36% 6.44x
Michael Kors 0.84% 5.97x
Abercrombie & Fitch 0.74% 5.50x
Calvin Klein 0.37% 5.26x
Columbia 0.39% 5.16x
Aeropostale 1.44% 5.16x
Charlotte Russe 0.81% 5.11x
Forever 21 1.44% 5.09x
Composition Percentage: The overlap percentage between the Chevron audience and the Location attribute.
Index: A comparison of the Chevron audience to the internet population.