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20 Results for "Digital Antenna Users"
Type Name
Crafted Audience Digital Antenna Users People shopping for digital antennas and researching cutting cable.
Content Cluster Smartphones People in this audience are interested in smartphones, including content about Android and apps.
Crafted Audience iPhone Users Consumers shopping for products and services for their iPhones.
Content Cluster Computers People in this audience are interested in computers, computer parts, electronics, software, and video games.
Content Cluster Mobile Phone Networks People in this audience are interested in mobile phone networks.
Content Cluster Electronic Cabling People in this audience are interested in electronic cabling and wiring.
Crafted Audience GIS Users Professionals who use Geographic Information Systems
Content Cluster Electronic Accessories People in this audience are interested in electronics accessories, such as headphones.
Crafted Audience Streaming Device Shoppers Consumers shopping for connected TV products.
Content Cluster Telescopes People in this audience are interested in telescopes, astronomy, and stargazing.
Crafted Audience Camera Shoppers Consumers researching and comparing cameras. These consumers are more likely to spend money on cameras and photography equipment.
Crafted Audience HDTV Researchers Consumers shopping for a new TV.
Crafted Audience Mobile Phone Comparison Shoppers Consumers researching alternative mobile phones and wireless plans.
Content Cluster Online Media Converters People in this audience are interested in online media converters, including MP3s and YouTube.
Crafted Audience Mobile Phone Purchase Intenders Consumers in-market for a mobile phone.
Crafted Audience Laptop Researchers Consumers shopping for laptops and laptop accessories.
Crafted Audience Prepaid Smartphone Shoppers Consumers in-market for a prepaid smartphone.
Crafted Audience Home Wifi Researchers Consumers comparing and shopping for whole home wifi products.
Crafted Audience Audio Equipment Researchers Consumers reading reviews of high end stereo equipment.
Crafted Audience Videographers Professionals reading industry news and researching products and services for videography.